Mini Facelift

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror wondering what happened to your youth?

Do you wish you looked as young as you feel?

Do you find yourself concealing your face and neck with scarves or clothes that hide wrinkles and sagging skin?

Are you tired of using creams and treatments that promise quick results, yet don’t deliver?

These are just a few of the reasons patients pursue cosmetic surgery. And they can be fixed with a Mini Facelift. Dr. Wire’s Mini Facelift is specifically tailored to smooth your jowls, reduce fullness in your neck, and tighten sagging skin.

The Mini Facelift is a surgical procedure that can be done efficiently and comfortably with local anesthesia. This is safer and leads to a faster recovery. Dr. Wire’s Mini Facelift is not an abbreviated procedure or gimmick. Dr. Wire’s Mini Facelift addresses platysmal bands and submental fat with liposuction and plication of the “strap” muscles. Jowls and excessive skin of the lower face are addressed by elevating and plicating the SMAS along with the excision of excess skin. Additional procedures may include fat grafting of the mid and lower face, eyelid surgery, as well as laser treatments for enhancing and detailing the appearance of your complexion and skin. Think of laser treatments as “polishing” your skin!

Dr. Wire performs the Mini Facelift in the comfort and privacy of his office, using local anesthesia. In his experience, local anesthesia enhances safety and facilitates a faster recovery while ensuring convenience and privacy for patients. Rather than experiencing the fatigue, nausea, risk, and discomfort associated with general anesthesia, mini facelift patients resume their normal activities quickly because they don’t have to recover from general anesthesia.

Dr. Wire has performed over 1,000 mini facelifts, along with thousands of other enhancement procedures (we don’t like the term “cosmetic”) for the face. His expertise includes eyelids, browlifts, fat grafts, laser resurfacing, and more. He has extensive experience in body contouring, including breast augmentation and reduction, liposuction, and abdominoplasties. He also has extensive experience in treating complex facial traumas and skin cancers such as melanomas, and squamous and basal cell carcinomas.

Your Mini Facelift Experience

Dr. Wire and his staff strive to make your experience easy and welcoming from the moment you contact the office. They understand that you may be apprehensive, nervous, skeptical, or simply curious. You may have already tried cosmetic surgery or visited a medispa. Whatever your background, Dr. Wire and his staff will respect your privacy and help you learn about what procedure or treatment might be right for you.

Your Consultation

If you contact the office by phone or email, you will have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Wire or his knowledgeable staff. They can answer general questions about surgery, preparation for your procedure, recovery, scheduling, costs, and financing.
Your specific medical questions and treatment plans require a consultation with Dr. Wire. When you meet with him, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and expectations. He will review your medical history, evaluate your health, and offer you a glimpse of your potential results by showing you in the mirror. He will also review photographs of past cases with you, so that you may see before-and-after images of other Mini facelift candidates. In addition, Dr. Wire will describe what you can expect on the day of the surgery and during recovery, and the risks and complications associated with the procedure.

Consultations generally take 60—90 minutes. They include registration, an interview with Dr. Wire, scheduling, and financial planning with his staff.
Please be assured that you will never be pressured to sign anything or put money down on a payment if you aren’t comfortable. Some patients come in only for information and choose to take some time to think about the treatment before they commit – and that’s okay.

We want to help you make the best decision, and Dr. Wire needs to make sure that you are in excellent medical condition. Therefore, if you decide to proceed with a Mini Facelift, you will need to get a preoperative history and physical examination from your primary physician.

Some patients worry that their medical conditions might make them unsuited for a Mini Facelift. But conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure are not contraindications if they are under control. If you smoke, vape, or chew Nicorette, you will need to discontinue usage at least two weeks prior to the surgery and two weeks after the surgery. You will also need to abstain from taking medications known to affect bleeding and bruising (coumadin, aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, etc).

Day of Surgery

The morning of the procedure, please shower and wash with the antimicrobial Hibiclens scrub brush provided by the office. Do not apply any lotions or perfumes to your skin. You should wear a comfortable button-down blouse.

EAT BREAKFAST! Yes — please eat breakfast because you will appreciate its sustenance throughout your surgical procedure. Before the procedure begins, you will be orally medicated, and having some food in your stomach will help prevent nausea.

You will need to arrange transportation home after the procedure, and we advise you to have a chaperone for the first overnight. Even though complications are rare, it’s always wise to have someone stay with you overnight in case any concerns or emergencies arise. After you are sedated for the Mini Facelift, you will not be able to drive for the rest of the day. We can help out-of-town candidates arrange local lodging and transportation.

After you are orally medicated, you will rest in a comfortable bed with warm blankets, peaceful music, aromatherapy, and acupuncture.
Just before surgery, Dr. Wire will meet with you to go over any final questions and take pictures. After that, you will stop at the bathroom before heading into the operating room.

You will then be “prepped and draped”, and staff will connect your surgical monitors. Dr. Wire will inject lidocaine anesthetic to numb your face. This will take about 15 to 20 minutes. You may feel some brief poking or sharp sensations, but they will dissipate quickly. During the surgery, you may experience sensations of touching, pressure, or movement, but you won’t feel any pain. Many people liken the experience to what they experience at a dental appointment.

When the surgery concludes, you will be dressed in a comfortable bandage. You will then be able to use the bathroom. We’ll offer you some juice, a protein bar, and ice packs. Surgeries are typically completed by mid-day, or around noon. Your ride will take you home or to your hotel by early afternoon so that you can rest overnight.

The numbing medicine will slowly wear off through the afternoon. As this happens, you will experience some discomfort. Each patient experiences pain differently, but you will have a prescription for narcotic medications along with instructions for when to take them. You may use this medication as needed, but do be aware that it could cause nausea and constipation. Most patients stop taking it within a few days after surgery because the pain subsides and they don’t care for its side effects.
You can expect a phone call the evening of surgery from Dr. Wire, to check on how you’re doing.

Dr. Wire sees all mini facelift patients in a series of follow-up appointments. Typically, the first is the day immediately after the procedure. He also follows up after one week, one month, and six months.

The day after surgery, Dr. Wire will remove your bandage. The Mini Facelift does not require drains, staples, or stitches to be removed, which makes for a straightforward follow up and recovery. You will experience some bruising and swelling, which typically resolves within the first week after surgery.
Dr. Wire will address all of your concerns and answer your questions regarding surgery and your aftercare at all of your follow-up appointments. After the first postoperative appointment, you will be able to take a shower or bathe to wash and cleanse your face, neck, and hair. No additional bandages will be required! If you have had a laser treatment with your mini facelift, we will provide you with information and salves to care for your skin.

Dr. Wire restricts patients’ activities during the first week after a mini facelift, so as not to elevate their blood pressure or pulse rate. Therefore, you should avoid exercise and vigorous activity for seven days. This means no household chores or working out, but you may take a walk, shop, go to movies, and eat out. It’s generally best to stick to simple activities that first week.

After the first week you may begin to resume more activities, but it will take about a month for you to reach 100%. Your face needs time to heal, so being too active can be detrimental. After a month, you can resume all activities such as golf, tennis, and swimming. Over the next several months you will appreciate continued healing and improvements as you observe the results. Dr. Wire will want to see you at six months after surgery to see how you’re doing and address any concerns you might have at that time.